The Rhizome Report Ep.1

In our latest effort to bring education and awareness of the ICON project, I decided to start the first episode of our new podcast series, The Rhizome Report. Recently, I interviewed Scott Smiley and Daeki Lee of ICX_Station, asking them some hard-hitting questions to which, they provided some great insight on.


A Response to Zerononcense’s Defamatory Accusations

Recently, James Edwards aka “ProofofResearch” has been on a tear, releasing several claims that are backed by non-objective and unsubstantiated conclusions. These statements issued are coming from a self-proclaimed “MiniGod” and individual who has reportedly raised “$500,000” for an equity offering. While the third rate manner of which this has been conducted does not fit the nature of someone who has raised $500,000, let’s use this post to debunk some of these outlandish claims, nevertheless.


Clarifying ICON’s Position on Seoul Launching Blockchain-based Citizen Cards

Last week there was some news on Seoul implementing blockchain-based technology to its citizen cards, which came from Cointelegraph and The Block publications. While this news is great and of interest to the ICON community, in this post we’ll clarify whether the ICON public chain is being used for the implementation of citizens cards within Seoul.


Cobinhood Files for Bankruptcy and Faces Exit Scam Allegations

It seems the “0% trading fee” exchange, Cobinhood, has landed in a rough financial situation, with the exchange “applying for company closure“.


ICON’s Update to IISS

Recently, ICON has updated it’s ICON Incentives Scoring System (IISS), showing pre-voting staking is just 3 months away, expected in August 2019.


Tezos Athens First Proposed Protocol Upgrade Enters Promotion Phase

Image Source: Road Scholar

Recently, Athens has entered it’s final “promotion phase”. It’s pretty exciting to see such a high turnout from delegates, especially on the first proposed on-chain upgrade proposal.


Something is Brewing in Substratumville

Image Source: Cryptovest

There have been some very questionable things going on with Substratum over the past few weeks.

Recently, Substratum has been ramping up ETH withdraws, cutting employees, and making changes to their website that suggest the groundbreaking and the Earth-shattering V1 release will not “save SUB”.


ICONLOOP: James Kim gets Appointed as First Company Advisor

Image Source: Brian Li

Pretty big news for ICON enthusiasts and supporters alike. ICONLOOP’s announcement of obtaining their first company advisor comes with great preceding for all the overwhelmingly positive news that has been released over the past few weeks-months.


Bruno Le Maire Praises Tezos and the Bank of France Tests a Tezos Node

Photo Courtesy:

Some very interesting developments have been going on with Tezos lately.

Recently, Bruno Le Maire, who serves as France’s Minister of the Economy and Finance spoke about Tezos in an interview to Magazine Capital.


Tiger Woods wins the 83rd Masters Tournament

Photo Courtesy: Newsweek

That jacket must be comfortable for Tiger, who has been battling a drought of victories on the PGA Tour and having been through several surgeries.

The U.S. president, golf fans across the world and professional athletes alike realize what an astounding achievement Tiger’s recent victory was at the 83rd Masters Tournament.