SEC Provides DLT Framework for Potential Reevaluation of Digital Assets as Securities

On April 3, 2019, The SEC published it’s long awaited new framework for the classification of digital assets as securities.

The new DLT framework makes several provisions to the vague DAO Report of Investigation, which previously served as the precedent for security classification.


DataDash Interview with Bitcoin Magazine NL

So, I know I said I would not write about Substratum again, as it’s not really worth the time. But, after seeing DataDash’s interview with Bitcoin Magazine NL, I’d like to share my thoughts on some of his responses.


Jimmy Pham of TG Daily: Substratum “Under the Hood”

It seems leaders of the cult like community in Substratum have been getting upset lately over articles that don’t paint them in a positive light.

Must be new, not really.


Justin Sun Gives “Two Tesla” After Crypto Community Outrage

The well known marketing guru, and Founder of Tron, Justin Sun has caught some backlash recently.

Justin Sun held a $20 million cash airdrop and Tesla giveaway to “raise awareness for blockchain” and attempted to cover his tracks by deleting several twitter comments.


A Substratum Weekly Update from Jason Burns

Finally, a new video update! I’ve been patiently waiting for a month to see the next video update.

I’ve even lost sleep over not seeing Justin’s videos.


DataDash Starts his own Cryptocurrency Project

Some things are just too silly to make up.

Popular altcoin shiller, DataDash, has decided to start his own project called “Project Genesis“.


TRIBE has Partnered with BMW Group Asia, Intel, and Nielsen

TRIBE, a collaborative blockchain accelerator program between ICON, TRIVE, and PwC Singapore, has recently partnered with BMW Group Asia, Intel, and Nielsen to build an “inclusive” ecosystem “ready for industry 4.0″.


Substratum Weighs in on Why the World Needs Censorship Resistant Internet

Substratum really needs some good press.

Recently, Substratum put out an article on their blog about “Why the World Needs Censorship Resistant Internet”.


Western Union will NOT use Stellar’s Blockchain for Cross-Border Payments

Recently, the crypto community had became overtly excited at the fact Western Union announced it’s teamed up with Thunes and will be using Stellar’s blockchain.

However, this is not the case.


Tezos Surges 30% After Completing its First Round of Voting for Athens

This is pretty exciting news.

Yesterday marked an historic event, as it was announced that Tezos has concluded its first round of voting for two separate system upgrade proposals.