How ICON is Forming the Foundation of South Korea’s Blockchain Economy

A little while back, I wrote a post and mentioned ICON within it. I went over general features but, never really dug too deep in that post.

At the time of writing that post, ICX was trading significantly higher than it’s current price now, at roughly 34 cents per ICX. Has the price drop affected my view on ICON?

Of course not. Let’s take some time to talk about ICON and what’s been going on.


Calvin Ayre gets #REKT Again..

It seems Calvin Ayre can’t stop saying things that lead to widespread controversy and backlash.

In the latest of Mr. Ayre’s developments, he recently put out a tweet with a 21 year old whom he has known “for many years”.


Why the Majority of 2017-2018 ICO’s Have Failed

Well, this is interesting.

An interesting thread popped up on r/cryptocurrency today that was posted by u/AsleepInstruction8. The thread was titled, “I worked at an ICO crypto company. It’s crazy how people still believe/invest in them”.


When John McAfee Says You’ve Crossed the Line You Really Have

In fairly recent news, CoinGeek Founder and notable Bitcoin SV proponent, Calvin Ayre had some interesting transgressions recently.

On March 12, 2019, Calvin posted a picture of him “drinking rum with Cuban dance team in Havana”.


Why Tezos is Still One of the Most Advanced Blockchains to Date

A while back, I wrote a piece about Tezos explaining what it was and gave a general overview of its features. This piece was met with lots of praise from the Tezos community and even Kathleen Breitman took notice of it, and tweeted about it.

Has my opinion on Tezos changed? Absolutely not. In fact, Tezos is even more attractive now than it was when I wrote that initial post in early 2018.


Tether Pulls a Sneaky Update

The Reddit effect is a very powerful and well documented one that can bring change and influence thousands of people. Essentially, once anything goes trending on Reddit, in this case crypto related, it’s pretty much game over.

A user on r/cryptocurrency, u/Toyake, recently posted about Tether sneakily updating their website claiming Tether (USDT) is no longer backed by 1 USDT for every 1 USD in cash reserves.


Marco Santori Weighs in on SEC Chairman Clayton’s Response to Coin Center

Recently, a lot of crypto news outlets have put out information regarding the SEC’s stance of Ethereum (ETH), as “no longer being a security“. This was likely due to misconstruing SEC Chairman Clayton’s diction and made many believe ETH was given a clear green light against security status.

Marco Santori, who serves as the President and Chief Legal Officer for Blockchain, had a few things to say about SEC Chairman Clayton’s response to Coin Center.


It’s All Just a Bunch of Smoke and Mirrors

Substratum’s CEO and community never cease to amaze me.

In response to indisputable accusations that Substratum lied about their “hedging” of ICO funds, Substratum’s CEO felt the need to revitalize his community with a sermon.


Justin Tabb “Clears up” Substratum Shortcomings

Substratum always seems to give me something to write about.

Recently, an interview surfaced with Justin Tabb and a contributor to Influencive. Justin tried to explain a number of things that have crutched the Substratum project over the past year. As expected, zero accountability was taken on his part.


Erik Finman thinks “Bitcoin is dead”

So, this is older news, but I thought it was worth bringing up.

On March 8, 2019, Erik Finman posted a video to his twitter account saying “bitcoin is dead” and why he thinks bitcoin is “long term dead”.